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Reflection on 2017

2017 has been the of the best years of primary school. The friendships I have made, and all the fun things that the year 6s have done have made this year unforgettable.


The most memorable thing for me was Cape Bridgewater Costal Camp. It was very early in the year, so I had the chance to make friends that I am now very close to. It was a lot of fun; we did surfing, snorkeling, sandboarding, abseiling, archery and lots more. I had so much fun, because I tried lots of new things and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. There were a few bad things about camp; how they put carrot and broccoli on the pizza, and how we were only allowed to go up to our knees in the ocean. But all these things made camp so special, and it was a great experience.


One of the best things I participated in was Winter Sports. I played netball with my friends. Even though our team lost every single game, it was still a fun way to become closer with my teammates and we were always optimistic. Another thing like Winter Sports was SEPEP. We played soccer against other teams in the 5/6 cohort. My team lost nearly every game, and we stayed at the bottom of the leaderboard for the whole season. But even though we were the lowest scoring team, we still had fun and it was a good unit.


The Public Transport Challenge is an annual thing that the year 5/6s do. We get into groups of about 8 and travel around an area on Public Transport. This year we went around Moonee Valley, and I was in a group with many of my friends. We came 4th out of all the groups, so we were proud of ourselves. Our chances of coming first were kind of jeopardized when there was a road accident and the trams and trains in the area were cancelled. We ended up taking a bus. We had to run back to school from the bus stop, and only made it with 30 seconds until the deadline. But the day was really fun, and we learned lots about public transport as well as teamwork.


The thing about this year that will probably stick with me the most was the preparation for year 6 graduation. It was so fun to try to trick the year 5s into thinking that we were doing Food Tech instead of learning the dance, but eventually they found out. It was fun to prepare for graduation because it was something that we were all excited for.


Saying goodbye to primary school will be very hard. I have spent 7 years at the school and it’s going to be sad to let it go. All the friends that I have made and the memories I have created have made my primary school experience amazing. But when I go to high school, I know that I’ll make more friends and get so many more opportunities to learn and do things that I’m passionate about. This final year has been so good, and I’m thankful for Moonee Ponds Primary School letting me make this year one of my best.


Shout out to my besties: Mietta, Tara, Anna, Stella, Sarah, Charli, Tiana!!!!!!!!! ????????????

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