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100WC #21

Hello. My name is Frederick. I’m a monkey. I was born in London in 1922. I hate computers. They make me so mad that I throw them across the room and smash them with hammers. One day, my master brought home a new MacBook Pro, and I HATED it. I grabbed it from his hands and smashed it over my knee. So he sent me out on the streets and never let me back inside. I then wandered into a computer store, and smashed everything in there. I was arrested by the London police. That’s why I’m writing this in jail.

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100WC #20

We were yelling. At that point, I didn’t even know what we were fighting about anymore. We just yelled insult after insult, which lead to an endless stream of salty tears from both of us. A smashed photo frame lay on the floor, surrounded by glass. I had been crying for hours now. Days even. I didn’t know. All that I knew was that I hated the girl standing in front of me. Then all the screaming stopped. Mietta picked up her bag and left the room. As the door slammed, I knew I didn’t have a best friend anymore.

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100WC #19

I knew the dare was dangerous. I knew that if my parents saw me doing it, they would give me a huge lecture on safety and peer pressure. But I had to do it. If I didn’t, I would be known at my new school as a wus. So as I hung by my ankles over Sweetwater River, I reminded myself constantly that this dare was for my reputation. But suddenly, I heard a ripping sound from above me. The ropes that were tied around my ankles were breaking! I dropped headfirst into Sweetwater River, landing with a loud splash……..

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100WC #18

Over the holidays, my crazy family from SA visited. I saw them 5 times in total, over only 2 days!!!! There were only 3 of them, and it was complete chaos. One was playing trumpet. One was talking to my dad (when I say talking, I mean yelling). And one was playing around with the sounds on a miniature electric keyboard (and I’m not talking about classic piano sounds, I’m talking about police sirens, dogs barking, that sort of stuff). He’s 17. They’re REALLY crazy, and that’s only 3 people. When we go to Adelaide for Christmas dinner, it’s a whole different level of crazy……

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100WC #17

“So, what lies ahead of primary school graduation? High school, sure. But what else? I’m going to make new friends, get new teachers, and have a whole new life! The homework will probably quadruple, and it’ll be really intimidating. Older kids, bigger responsibilities, it’ll be like going back to prep!” Sally yelled at her mum, frustrated about leaving school. It was the night of her graduation- she had spilled black current juice on her once white dress, her hair was refusing to go into place and she had a huge pimple on her forehead. The night was going terribly already!

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100WC #16

“No way.” I whispered, my breath visible in the cold winter’s morning. 2 huge footprints were in the grass, creating 2 deep holes. There were only 2 prints, so I knew it couldn’t be an animal. But surely there couldn’t be a human alive with feet that big! So if it wasn’t an animal, nor a human, what could it be? I looked around the park and crouched down on the dew covered grass, feeling the dirt. That’s when I heard footsteps behind me. Loud, booming footsteps. My sunlight was blocked by a huge shadow. I turned to look behind me and saw……….

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100Wc #15

As my mum watered our garden and my younger sister played her squeaky violin, I sat on the sofa, the scarlet cushions surrounding me. I sat waiting, for the time when something special would happen to me. Something that would take me away from my annoying sister, and my bossy, overprotective mum. Something that would present me with an opportunity, an opportunity so huge that not even my mother could prevent me from taking. The day that my dad asked me to move in with him. Away from the crying of my delusional mother, towards a slightly less insane father.

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100WC #14

There was someone living in the cave. A campfire was set up, and a flame was burning, slowly eating away at the bark. I couldn’t see anyone in there. I decided to look. I pushed past the bushes that surrounded the entrance. A twig snapped under my foot, and suddenly everything went dark in the cave. The campfire had been extinguished. Immediately, I was scared. My heart started to beat faster. I heard footsteps, not mine, coming towards me. I turned around, ready to run the way I had come. But hands grabbed my shoulders, and I was dragged away.

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100WC #13

It just hovered there. The ball of light. We didn’t know what it was, or why it was there. All we knew was that we were scared. We didn’t know where we were, or how we got there. My little sister clutched my arm as the ball started to move towards us. Closer and closer, faster and faster. Suddenly, it lurched forwards. As is came rushing towards us we dove out of the way, bashing into the surrounding rocks. Then it was gone. It just disappeared into thin air. I sighed, trying to cover up my scratches from the rocks.

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100WC #12

Jerry the seal and Gordon the seal were lounging around on the warm rocks, soaking up the sun when Gordon decided to tell a joke.

“Hey Jerry, knock knock!” The young seal said.

“Who’s there?” Jerry responded in a cheeky tone.


“Seal who?”

“You’d better seal your windows so fish burglars don’t get in!” Gordon started to chuckle, which made Jerry start to laugh. The young seals started to laugh hysterically. They laughed at this terrible joke for 15 minutes, but they were interrupted by their mother, Sally the seal. She told them that dinner was ready, so the brothers ate their dinner, still giggling.