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Valedictory Speech

As a part of finishing primary school, all the year 6 students were required to write and present a valedictory speech. Brynn’s speech was chosen as the best way to sum up 7 years at MPPS, so she got to read out her speech at the graduation ceremony. Here is my valedictorian speech:

Hello year 6s, parents and teachers. Welcome to Year 6 graduation for 2017.


I’m Ella, and I’m the Valedictorian for tonight. I’m up here representing every single one of the graduates, saying our thankyous and our goodbyes.

Wow. What a journey primary school has been. We have grown, learned and developed so much within the walls of Moonee Ponds Primary School. We’ve made it from Prep, when we were MPCS, all the way to year 6, where we are proudly representing MPPS. Every single day that we have spent in the classrooms, working hard, has led up to tonight. Graduation.


We wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t for the wonderful MPPS community. Teachers, parents, and of course the students! Learning wouldn’t be possible without our teachers. They have taught us everything that we will need to know next year, and have prepared us for life. Pretty much nothing would be possible without our supportive parents. They have put up with us through the years, and given us the support, help and motivation that we have needed. And last but definitely not least, our fellow graduates. Although teachers do most of the teaching, our friends and classmates have taught us so many social skills and shaped us into who we are today. Thank you to the MPPS community for helping us develop and learn.


So many memories have been created here. Excursions, camps, there have been countless times when we have just gotten together as a group and had a laugh. I’m sure no one can forget the huge storm on year 3 camp that seemed to come out of nowhere. When we look back on that crazy day at Camp Currumbene, we can share lots of stories and memories.  And when the ‘alien’ came to the school in prep, and how we actually believed it was real!? We can all look back on how small and cute we were, and see how much we have changed. Some more recent memories, for example, Camp Bridgewater. I’m sure that we can all remember the talent show and that long walk up that huge hill that exhausted us.

We’ve had our 3 school fetes over the years, and participated in 3 school productions at the Clocktower.

Loads of memories have been made here. It’s going to be hard to leave.



Every single one of us year 6s is different, unique and special in our own way. We have all contributed to making our primary school experience different. This cohort of kids is incredible; Indigo, and her passion for reading. Ty, who is so fast and has gotten our school into divisionals and regionals many times. Martin and Nicholas, for their love of computers and technology. It would take way too long for me to name everyone’s unique passion- we could go on all night.

Tonight, we graduate. 7 years of school, all leading to this one night. The night where we say goodbye to this wonderful school, and take so many precious memories of it with us. We have grown so much here at Moonee Ponds Primary School. But as we go to high school, we are going to get so many opportunities to do the things we are really passionate about. So I’m going to end my speech with a quote from Dr Seuss.

‘You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.’



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Reflection on 2017

2017 has been the of the best years of primary school. The friendships I have made, and all the fun things that the year 6s have done have made this year unforgettable.


The most memorable thing for me was Cape Bridgewater Costal Camp. It was very early in the year, so I had the chance to make friends that I am now very close to. It was a lot of fun; we did surfing, snorkeling, sandboarding, abseiling, archery and lots more. I had so much fun, because I tried lots of new things and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. There were a few bad things about camp; how they put carrot and broccoli on the pizza, and how we were only allowed to go up to our knees in the ocean. But all these things made camp so special, and it was a great experience.


One of the best things I participated in was Winter Sports. I played netball with my friends. Even though our team lost every single game, it was still a fun way to become closer with my teammates and we were always optimistic. Another thing like Winter Sports was SEPEP. We played soccer against other teams in the 5/6 cohort. My team lost nearly every game, and we stayed at the bottom of the leaderboard for the whole season. But even though we were the lowest scoring team, we still had fun and it was a good unit.


The Public Transport Challenge is an annual thing that the year 5/6s do. We get into groups of about 8 and travel around an area on Public Transport. This year we went around Moonee Valley, and I was in a group with many of my friends. We came 4th out of all the groups, so we were proud of ourselves. Our chances of coming first were kind of jeopardized when there was a road accident and the trams and trains in the area were cancelled. We ended up taking a bus. We had to run back to school from the bus stop, and only made it with 30 seconds until the deadline. But the day was really fun, and we learned lots about public transport as well as teamwork.


The thing about this year that will probably stick with me the most was the preparation for year 6 graduation. It was so fun to try to trick the year 5s into thinking that we were doing Food Tech instead of learning the dance, but eventually they found out. It was fun to prepare for graduation because it was something that we were all excited for.


Saying goodbye to primary school will be very hard. I have spent 7 years at the school and it’s going to be sad to let it go. All the friends that I have made and the memories I have created have made my primary school experience amazing. But when I go to high school, I know that I’ll make more friends and get so many more opportunities to learn and do things that I’m passionate about. This final year has been so good, and I’m thankful for Moonee Ponds Primary School letting me make this year one of my best.

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Book Review- Lion by Saroo Brierley

I liked this book because I like the genre (which is adventure). It was a true story about a little boy who gets lost in India. The whole story is about how Saroo (the little boy) finds his way back home. My favourite part of the book was when Saroo found his family. I liked it because it was a nice way to end the story, seeing that the whole story was about his journey. One of the book’s strengths is how the author made it very easy to relate to. Pretty much all readers can understand something that Saroo is going through, even if it is as small as being lost somewhere like a supermarket. In some of the chapters, around about the middle of the book, the story was very slow. Not much happened, so it was a bit boring. Overall, I think the book was quite good. It had a good story-line and it was interesting. As I said, it was a bit boring at times, but that is just my opinion. I give this book a rating of 7.5/10.

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Charles- Homework Reflections

I found it interesting when Ambrose mentioned that Laurie is a young kid because he uses crayons and a see saw. That is true, although, you could have said that you inferred that. I also think it was good how you said that Laurie wants attention to make friends because that is true in the real world.


I found it interesting how Jacinta mentioned that she thought the author chose Laurie to be a kid who lies. I asked why she thought that that was the case, and she said because the author might have known a kid who lied, or may have even been one herself.


I found it interesting how Holly said that Charles was the main character, because I thought that Laurie was the main character. I think that she thought this because Charles is the same person as Laurie, the title of the story is ‘Charles’, and the whole story is based around him.

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Charles- 5 Facts of Fiction


The 5 Facts of Fiction


Fiction is all about the character:

In this story, ‘Charles’, the main character is Laurie. However, the story is narrated by his mother. Laurie is a young boy who is just starting school. I think that he is cheeky and smart because he is able to convince his parents that there is a boy in his class called Charles. I think that the author made Laurie seem like a very innocent boy because that makes it a more interesting plot twist when the mother finds out that her son has been displaying bad behavior.

‘“We don’t have any Charles in the class.”’

I think that Laurie started being naughty because he was confronted with a new situation like school, and he wanted to be cool and make friends. He is young, and I think he doesn’t know any way to make friends other than rebel against authority.

‘“Today Charles hit the teacher.”’


Fiction is all about what your character wants:
Laurie wants to fit in. He wants to be cool, and he wants his parents to be proud of him. He wants them to think that he is totally capable of going to school and that he is not having any problems. He wants them to think this so they have the impression that he is all grown up.

‘“Charles wanted to color with green crayons so he hit the teacher and she spanked him and said nobody play with Charles… but everybody did.”’



This plot is interesting because Laurie goes to great lengths to lie to his parents, rather than confront them about the issues he has been having at school. Laurie’s parents fall into their child’s trap, and are under the impression that their son is very capable and a well behaved child.

‘My sweet-voiced nursery-school tot replaced by a long-trousered, swaggering character who forgot to stop at the corner and wave good-bye to me.’

I think that if the story were to continue without Laurie’s parent finding out that their son was Charles, Laurie would be even more desperate to make his parents proud. As the story progressed and Laurie saw how happy his parents were with how he was coping, it would be even harder to confront them about his problems. He sort of made the problem harder by lying to his parents.


Fiction is all about how the character gets/doesn’t get what he/she wants:

For a while, Laurie gets exactly what he wants. His parents are very proud of him for not being influenced by Charles’ actions, and he gets away with being a really naughty kid. Because of the way that the author ended this story, we don’t actually know how the mother reacts to finding out that Laurie and Charles are the same person. I can infer that she would be mad at Laurie for showing bad behavior, but would also want to help him have a better experience at school.

 “Charles?” she said. “We don’t have any Charles in the class.”

I think that if this story was set from Laurie’s point of view, the story would be very different. You would know from the very start that Laurie was the same person as Charles, and you would know exactly why he was acting that way. However, the plot twist at the end of the story wouldn’t have been very effective. If Laurie’s mother had gone to the school earlier to talk about Charles’ impact on the other children, the story would have ended sooner and in a different way. So, Laurie did get what he wanted for a little bit, but in the end he made his problem worse.


Fiction is all about how the character changes:

At the start of the story, Laurie’s mother talks about how her son is growing up and going to school, and from her pint of view, that is how he is changing.

‘The day my son Laurie started school he abandoned corduroy overalls with bibs and began wearing blue jeans with a belt; I watched him go off the first morning with the older girl next door, seeing clearly that an era of my life was ended.’

As the story progresses, you come across other changes in Laurie’s personality. You start to figure out that Laurie, a kid whose mother once saw him to be very innocent and well behaved  is actually very naughty. Then you can wonder and infer why he has changed his personality so drastically.

‘“We had a little trouble adjusting, the first week or so,” she said formally, “but now he’s a fine little helper. With occasional lapses, of course.”

“Laurie usually adjusts very quickly,” I said. “I suppose this time it’s Charles’s influence.”’

It is important that the author made Laurie change, because otherwise you would be under the impression that Laurie was Charles throughout the entire story.


Fiction is all about the world that the author creates:

This story is set in a school environment. It is an experience that most kids go through so it is relatable. You can understand why Laurie is acting the way that he is acting, and you can relate to being put under pressure to make friends. In the real world, actions have consequences, and that is what Laurie needs to learn. He needs to know that he doesn’t have to be bad if he wants to make friends, and in a real school environment, it is important to make friends. This is a world that is very much like our lives, and I think the reason that the author decided to set the story in this environment is so people can relate to it and understand how Laurie is feeling and thinking. In this world, the good things are how Laurie’s parents and teachers may be able to understand why he is lying. Some bad things are how there is so much pressure on Laurie to make friends, and how that can influence Laurie negatively.

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Camp Reflection- Seal Tours

The wind was rushing through my hair. Salt water sprayed in my face as we spun across the ocean. My life jacket felt as if it was going to fly over my head, but I didn’t care. Nothing could ruin this for me.


I could see some rocks ahead. I knew that we wouldn’t crash into them, so that wasn’t what I was worried about. What I was worried about was the waves coming towards the rocks. Over the rocks. Towards us!


The waves were huge. The ocean was deep. As we got closer to the rocks, the group silenced. Everyone was worried. A little scared, even. Were the waves going to get us? Were they going to flip the boat? I’m sure that these were the thoughts on many minds. But the boat captain steered around the rocks and around the cliff corner.


The seals were adorable! There were babies and adults lounging on the rocks, soaking up the warm, harsh sun. Suddenly, a seal jumped off the rocks, followed by a few others. They swam up to the boat, circling us like sharks until they had figured out what was going on. Then as they swam away we left that seal colony and moved on.


From a distance the seals looked like dolphins, splashing and diving through the clear blue water. In little squads, looking for food to bring back to their pups. The boat stopped for a moment, so that we wouldn’t disturb their activity. We just sat and watched, silenced by the beauty of the creature.


We started to move when the hunting seals were back on their rocks. The boat engine whirred and we headed in the direction of a dark cave. As we entered I shuddered because of the cold air. We started gently floating to the back of the cave where there was a dark, deep drop. My heart started to beat faster and faster as we got closer. Then we stopped. I sigh of relief rushed through the boat as we backed up. Now that our eyes had adjusted to the dark, we saw dozens of seals lounging around. We watched for a while, then backed out of the cave and sailed back to shore.

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Safer Internet Day!

Today we participated in a webinar. It was about safety and privacy online. We learned that you should always have your settings set to private so people don’t hack you and get your personal details. When you post something online you create a digital footprint that can never be taken down or deleted.  There was an animation about a little girl who wanted to be famous, and we learned that being famous online can lead to cyberbullying. If you are being bullied online, you should take a screenshot of the bullying as evidence and show it to a trusted adult. Never meet up with someone from an online chat that you don’t know in real life, because they might be lying about their identity and they could be bad people. If someone asks you to meet up, you should block them and tell a trusted adult. If you are worried about something online, you can contact the kids helpline for help and more information.