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Welcome to 2017!!!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I will start posting more often when I get homework, which will be in 3-4 weeks. Hope everyone had a great holiday. Please comment what you did over the holidays.


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Narrative that has no name

I could feel my heart beating as I picked up my heavy front door. It was hanging off its hinges. It was 9.30pm. My parents were out. My fingers trembled as I tried to lift my door back into its correct position.

“Hello?” I called nervously. “Is anyone there?” There was no answer. I was all alone.


“Miette, I need you to come now.” I whispered, half-crying down the phone to my best friend.

“Ella, are you ok?” She asked, in a concerned tone of voice.

“No. We’ve been burgled! The door’s hanging off its hinges! The hallway’s trashed!”

“Ok. Don’t worry. I’m coming right now. It’s going to be Ok.”


I put my phone into my pocket and crept through my dark, cluttered hallway once again. I thought about calling the Police.

“But what if there is a simple explanation?” I mumbled to myself. “What if-“ I stopped in my tracks as I saw a dark, lifeless figure on the floor.

“Ahhh!” I slammed my hands in front of my face and ran back to my front garden, where me best friend Miette was standing, looking worried. I buried my face in her warm, baby blue woollen jumper, taking in her familiar scent.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, gently pushing me away.

“Come and see.” I whispered. “Come and see.”


I was hugging Miette’s arm tightly as we crept into the living room.

“See, right there. On the floor.” It wasn’t breathing. It wasn’t moving. It was dead.

“Is that…” Miette pushed away my arm and tip-toed closer, leaning over to get a better look. “Your dog?”


Tears welled in my eyes as I cradled the dead, stiff, bleeding body of my dog Buddy.

“He was my best friend!” I sobbed, burying my face in Buddy’s cold, fuzzy fur.

“I know, I know.” Miette said, trying to hide a gag. She slightly shuffled away from me.


I laid my dog down on the floor and tried to clean things up. I lifted up a chair, to find a tuft of Buddy’s soft fur. My back straightened as I turned to face Miette.

“Get my phone.” I commanded.

But-“ Miette reasoned.

“Just get my phone!” I yelled. She threw me my phone and I dialled my mum’s number.

“Hey sweetie, what’s up?” My mum’s soft, sweet voice rang in my mind, but I shook my head, as I had to get back to business.

“Look mum, here’s the thing. We’ve been burgled. Buddy’s been murdered. He’s covered in blood, and-“ I stopped as I began to cry. Big, thick tears. Miette comforted me as my mum spoke.

“Really? Oh my god. Ok, sweetie, I’m coming right now. Just stay put.”


In the 5-minutes that it took for my mum to arrive, I made a little bed for Buddy and Miette and I brought it out to the garden. When mum came, she called the police and they came to inspect the damage. While they were doing so, the three of us- me, mum and Miette- buried Buddy in the flower bed, amongst the flowers that he used to roll in when he was a puppy.


“Well, madam, there is a trace of a specific criminal.” The tall policeman told my mum after he called us inside. “He’s done this before- murder, trashing things….” His voice trailed off.

“What is it?” Mum asked, concerned.

“That person’s in prison.” As he said that, my heart skipped a beat. I started to sweat.

‘If this guy had escaped from prison, this could happen again. My whole life could be ruined.’ I thought.


“Let’s just hope that I’m wrong about this guy.” The tall policeman said, straightening his back. “Let’s just hope I’m wrong.”



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Coding Lesson- Synopsis and Reflection

At the start of the lesson we talked about what coding was and what we knew about it. I knew that it was what you put into a computer to make it do what you want. Then we did an activity that involved writing instructions for our partners to follow, e.g:

  • Stand up
  • Push chair out
  • Walk 2 steps to the right
  • etc

It was hard because we had to be really specific. After that we played two online games where we had to use arrows to move a robot around an obstacle course. The second one was harder because you had to use the brackets to make it more efficient. It was hard because I still didn’t understand about brackets inside brackets, and sometimes this was the most efficient answer.

What I Learned:

Q. What is debugging and how did it get it’s name?

A. It is getting rid of an error on your computer. It got it’s name by the fact that in the olden days, bugs used to get into machines and stop them from working properly.

Q. What are brackets in coding and how are they used?

A. You can make coding more efficient by using brackets. This is what it looks like:

(example) [4 5 steps left]- the 4 means how many times we repeat the action


I want to learn more about brackets within brackets. I think that we should learn more about the purpose of learning coding. I am excited that coding will be a big part of our lives in the future. I think that we can improve our learning of coding at MPPS by maybe making a coding club, or doing lessons on it fortnightly. Overall, from this lesson I learned what coding was. I had fun playing the games and I think that they taught me a lot.

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A Random Piece Of Writing I Did For No Good Reason

This is what I had to do. My life was horrible. My whole life after the accident 20 years ago was just endless tests in the hospital. I couldn’t live any longer like that. As my personal nurse went to the toilet on the plane, I climbed out onto the wing of the plane. The wind slashed my face, making me want to cry with pain. But if I made any sound, they would come for me, and I would be back to having a miserable life. I got to the end of the wing, crouched down, and jumped.

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My Scientific Lab Report

Scientific Lab Report- Chemical Sciences Experiment



Mentos in lemon and orange juice

Team Member/s:



To observe which juice contains more citrus acid- lemon juice or orange juice- by dropping a Mentos in both juices.


I believe that the lemon juice will react and fizz up more that the orange when Mentos is dropped in it because when I suck on a lemon it has a stronger acid taste than orange.


  • Two small beakers
  • 200ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 200ml of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 2 Mentos


  • Pour 200ml of lemon juice into a beaker
  • Pour 200ml of orange juice into a beaker
  • Set the beakers 30cm apart
  • Hold one Mentos in each hand
  • Hold one hand directly over each beaker
  • At the exact same time, drop both Mentos into the beakers
  • Now you will be able to see which juice contains more citrus acid by observing which juice creates more of a reaction


When I dropped the Mentos’ in the juices, nothing happened.



There was no reaction because you need carbonated liquid to make a reaction because all of the bubbles get caught in the nooks and crannies of the rough Mentos surface, and all the pressure causes the substance to explode out of the top. Because my juices weren’t carbonated, there was no reaction. If I had Coke, though, it would explode out the top because Coke is carbonated.



My experiment wasn’t really successful because there was no reaction. I learned that to make a reaction, you need to have carbonated liquid, and in my experiment I didn’t. I did think that even though there were no bubbles the lemon juice and Mentos would still react because of the acid in it, but that did not happen. As a follow up experiment I could see what would happen if I put a Mentos in carbonated lemon and orange juice.


The Science of Coke and Mentos, 16/6/2016,


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Buddy Letter

At my school, we have a buddy program. It’s where year 5s and 6s get assigned prep children that they do activities with every week. My buddy’s name is Charlotte, and I got paired up with Rowan, also a boy in year 5!

Hello Charlotte!

I hope that you are having fun in prep. Do you like your teacher? Do you have lots of friends? I am Ella-Lu. I’m going to be your buddy for this year. We get to do lots of things together! Every Thursday we can do fun activities and pay around. I am in 5/6A. My classroom is up the big, blue stairs to the left. Do you know which way left is? I play on the fake grass. Sometimes you might see me there with my friends when you go out to play, but I’m normally past the red line, so don’t come over, I’ll come to you!!


I like going to school at Moonee Ponds Primary School. I hope you do too. This is my 6th year at the school, so I have been here for a very long time! Did you have a fun kindergarten? I liked mine. Kindergarten is different to school, isn’t it? You go to school for longer and do different things. As you might know, between school years we have a long break away from school. I had fun on this break. We went to the beach and to my grandparents’ house. I had a lot of fun!


I like Nicole. Did you know, she was my teacher in prep, too! She is a lot of fun. I hope you like her. I was in her class with lots of my friends! How many of your friends are in Nicole’s class? I was a little bit nervous when I started school. Were you nervous? It’s ok if you were, but school is fun! You get to play games and meet new people! You will enjoy school a lot, I know it!


I hope we can have lots of fun together at school, and in the playground! I hope to see you around sometimes!


Your buddy, Ella-Lu

You can call me Ella if you want.

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2016- Year 5!

I am now in year 5 and am slowly adapting to it. I had butterflies in my stomach on the first day, but my nerves were calmed down when I saw all my friends (and enemies- ;D) again. I love my new teacher! Her name is Jude and she is the leader of 5/6 A. I see my friends that aren’t in my class often, so although I miss not having most of them in my class like last year, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Is it just me, or is it really hard to adapt to writing the date as let’s say, 17/2/2016 rather than 2015? it always takes me long, but this year it’s really hard! In inter school sports we are currently doing Gala Sports. I got into bat tennis, which was my 1st pick, so I was happy about that! I am with some of my friends, so Miette and Ebs. I fact, when we do doubles, Miette is my partner!!

I’ll inform you about any other major changes, but until then, bye!

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At my school, I have been made the editor of the school newspaper, The ROCC. ROCC stands for our school values, RESPECT, OPTIMISM, CARE and COLLABORATION. Well, I’m actually the co-editor of it, because I share that role with one of my best friends Ebony. Other people and their jobs in The ROCC are:

Roy- Columnist

Mietta- Book review person

Charlie- Quiz guy

Zedekai- Comedian

Ollie- Sport reporter

Fin- Photographer

Chiara- Reporter

Martin- Tech guy

Indi- Reporter

We will be publishing a newspaper every 3 weeks, and it is coming out today!!!!(27/11/2015) !

If you go to my school, then you ROCC!!!!!!!!!! You can read the newspapers, and comment on this post if you like them!!!!!!!!!!!

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Story Seed #1

Jason wanted to be a singer. It had been his dream ever since he was 5. He didn’t have a bad voice either. But what was stopping him? I wasn’t stage fright, no. He didn’t like to dance. It wasn’t that he was a bad dancer. Whenever he moved, his thick, dark, long hair slashed across his face making him flick it out of his face in a way that all the girls LOVED. The problem was, he had squeaky joints. He had been locked out in the rain when he was two and his bones had somehow rusted. Doctors were puzzled. Surgeons were baffled. In the end, there was nothing they could do. They were pretty sure it would wear off over time. But now, at the age of 13, there were no improvements. He dreamed of standing on a massive stage, in front of a cheering audience, busting some epic moves. But he knew that would never happen.


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The Soul Queen

I walked down the red carpet, my knees shaking. I looked around. There were hundreds of people sitting in the beautiful royal seats, all of them staring at me. Suddenly, Dillan stuck his foot out in front of me and I tripped. The jewel I was holding flew off the pillow and shattered into a thousand pieces on the floor a few metres in front of me.


Even though the hard wooden floor was covered in carpet the jewel hitting the floor still made a tremendously loud SMASH. The queen’s icy glare rested on me.

“I, I, I um, well…..” My voice trailed off.

“YOU SMASHED THE JEWEL?!” Roared the queen. “MY JEWEL?!”


“Well, you see your majesty, Dillan, he tri-“

“I HAVE NO TIME FOR YOUR PATHETIC EXUSES! HOW DARE YOU?! FIX IT!!!” She screamed, clearly furious.


I didn’t know what she was on about. It was just a stupid jewel that happened to give the first person to touch it incredible, invincible powers. That was why I had to carry it on a pillow and have gloves on my hands.


I bent down and started fixing the jewel. The glue that the queen’s dwarf-like assistant had given me wouldn’t come out of the bottle. I felt my cheeks burning in embarrassment as hundreds of people stared down at me. Then, SPURT! The glue came out of the bottle like lightning.

“Ha ha!” Laughed Dillan. “Look at you! All covered in glue!!”

“SILENCE!” Yelled the queen. “Continue.” She said to me from her royal throne.


Finally, all the pieces of the jewel had been stuck back together. The queen took the jewel from me and began to chant the magic words:


“Tumbolo tombolo, be san a goo, trustona, goo la pa noo.”

The mysterious words rang in my ears over and over again. Other than that, nothing happened. Everything and everybody was still. The jewel didn’t even give a tiny flicker of colour like it was meant to. Nothing. The queen’s face grew red. And redder. And even redder (if that was possible). Then, her body rose up! Her legs stayed firmly planted on the ground but her thin body, head to hips, rose! Her clothes shred, revealing a ghost like, see through body, floating in the air.


Everybody in the room froze. A few old women fainted. Suddenly, a HUGE gust of wind broke through the tightly bolted door. While the wind was rushing along at full speed towards the ghostly queen sharp pieces of wood from the door pierced the air, hitting a few people.


We heard a big gulp. The ghost queen had swallowed the air! People screamed. People yelped. People started fading! Silently, all the people around me disappeared, except for Dillan. Oh no, he was fading to.


“Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” I screamed. I had never liked Dillan, but now he was my only hope. “Dillan, noooooo!” I cried desperately.

“What?” Dillan came back into clear view again. Then, he flickered. Again. And again. Then he was back.

“Gob? Hunmul ga strum?”


“Mustumga la pi na! Po la pee ga.”

He was brainwashed. He couldn’t speak properly.


We ran. We just ran. Not knowing where we were going. Not knowing if the ghostly queen was following us. We stopped by a lake. I collapsed onto a rock, panting. The queen was nowhere to be seen.


We heard a familiar voice. A shriek. A scream. An image flickered in the air in front of us. The screaming queen sat on a blood red throne with the people that had faded at the royal church around her at their knees.


The image changed. We now saw cages and cages of goblins. They were crying. A man entered the picture from the side. He wore a black cloak with small red rubies lining the edge. His face was covered by the hood of his cloak. His voice was a deep, echoing sound. He was saying something about people invading a goblin world. The vision disappeared. A voice was ringing in my head.

“Help them. Help them.” It seemed to be saying.


“Dillan, we’re going to help them. I don’t know how, we just have to. We must.” I said, determinedly.

“Oogamu lu sta.

I wasn’t sure what he said, but I had a feeling it was something along the lines of ‘let’s do it!’ By the look on Dillan’s face I could tell it for sure.


I suddenly remembered that we were in the middle of nowhere. The image appeared again. It was blank this time, just a white space. A whispering voice was coming from it.

“Come in. Come in.” It said.


Suddenly, Dillan plunged forward into the image! I gasped.

“Dillan, no!!!!!!” I screamed. And, without thinking, I jumped into the portal too.


We landed in the white space. As we looked around I realized that there was no floor, but we weren’t falling. Then we fell. Tumbling, twisting, and turning down a vertical tunnel. We landed on our backs in a room.


The room we landed in was painted death black. The man in black was sitting in the corner, his back turned. He was on the phone.

“But muuuuuuuuuuuum!!!” He whined. “I CAN’T let the goblins go! They’ll ruin ALL of my plans! What?! Your disguise has been discovered?! Ok, ok, I’ll put you on Skype-Evil.”

He turned off the phone and pressed a big, blue button.


A screen appeared on the wall. The ghost/queen’s face was on the screen!

“See! I told you my disguise had bee- wait, who are they?” She screeched. The man in black spun around. His gaze fell on Dillan and I. He pressed a button on his watch and a bigger tray of buttons shot out. He pressed a big red one and out of nowhere came a shiny black sword.


“Get them Draco!” Screeched the queen. “Get the little devils out of your lab! They’re going to destroy everything!!!”


Draco charged towards us, sword raised above his head. We ran the opposite way. The special wall sensed our warmth and opened up. A pitch black room lay ahead of us.

Because Draco was holding a metal sword, the wall closed up, not letting the cold sword through.

Once inside the room, Dillan and I were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Our hands fumbled around the walls, searching for a light switch. But we found nothing.


I sat down on the floor, exhausted, sleepy and miserable. I felt like crying, but I knew Dillan would tease me. I was so tired I could feel my head drooping back towards the box behind me…



I sat up, alert. There was light! It filled the corners of the room. The light switch was on the box.


With the newly found light Dillan and I saw that the room we were in was probably the only room in the building that wasn’t painted black. In fact, it wasn’t even painted! The whole room was made of gold! But, of course, we weren’t interested in the gold. We were only kids, after all. We were interested in the tiny door in the corner of the room, just big enough for us to crawl through on our tummies.


“Oh no! Oh no!” We heard Draco’s voice from outside. “No, why did I chase them into the store room?? Now they’re going to have gone into the goblin room and be already falling for the goblin’s tricks to make them let them out of the cages!” We heard a door slam as Draco stormed out of the lab.

“The goblin room.” I whispered. The goblin room. It must be behind the tiny door!”


A minute later we found ourselves crawling through the door. Standing up, we saw that we were in the exact same room we saw in the picture. Cages and cages of goblins were everywhere.


They looked so helpless we couldn’t resist letting them out. After about an hour there were goblins all around us.

“Thank you.” Croaked the biggest goblin. “You set us free. We make you king and queen of the goblins.”

Dillan and I looked at each other, thrilled. The goblin continued:

“And you help us, help us take over, take over the world………”

To Be Continued……